Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.

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Joshua Wellness Practice provides neurologically based chiropractic care for individuals and families.
Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.
This is done through utilising modern, gentle and effective techniques, which are supported by an up to date computerised neurological and physiological assessment.

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June 16, 2021

Work Life Balance

“Work Life Balance” 15yrs ago this was a term that was very popular but as the pace of modern life has increased I have seen it fall by the wayside. With stress becoming an ever increasing factor in people’s lives and having a far greater impact on their health, I for one would like to see it re-emerge. I had it suggested to me long ago that I should build a life that I didn’t feel the need to take a holiday from. I tick this to mean that I should find the balance between work, rest and […]
June 7, 2021

Are We There Yet?

Once it used to be a childhood question that drove parents crazy on the long car drive to a sunny beach side holiday but more and more it is the question being asked about recovery from illness and other health issues. The question is, is health a destination or a journey? The mentality of health being a destination is that you don’t have put any more work in when you arrive there. If your mentality is that health is a journey then the lifestyle choices and habits your created along the way you will continue to do so […]
June 3, 2021

Persevere with Passion

This week I had a pleasant reminder about the importance of commitment, perseverance and determination. Although this wasn’t specific to health, the lesson can be applied here. If you value something highly enough you will dedicate yourself to the choices required to bring about the result you desire. Even though you might not see the result immediately, by persevering, in time you bring about the change required for success. For me, good health is in my top 3 values so committing to specific lifestyle choices that support bringing this about is not a chore but a passion. It […]
April 28, 2021


Early chiropractors talked about stressors that impacted a persons health came in the form of the 3 “T’s”; traumas, toxins and thoughts. For many people it is easy to see how physical trauma may negatively impact the health of the body and even how poor food choices or other environmental chemicals can be harmful to the body. Yet many people over look that thoughts, especially repeated negative thoughts will also have a detrimental effect on how the body functions. It is important to understand that thoughts precede actions. This is true within the body. Research over the last […]

"As a child grows and develops both mentally and physically, it is vital that their nervous system is working free of interference."

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