Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.

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Joshua Wellness Practice provides neurologically based chiropractic care for individuals and families.
Our chiropractic mission is to take each person to a greater state of health, wellness and quality of life so they can express their true potential.
This is done through utilising modern, gentle and effective techniques, which are supported by an up to date computerised neurological and physiological assessment.

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May 20, 2020
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Connecting the Dots

From the last blog you now know that chiropractic care supports optimal nervous system function allowing you to handle additional stressors life can throw at you. With regards to the immune system, some circles within science view it as a sensory system of its own as it has clusters of specialised cells strategically located through out the body ready to detect and respond to any foreign threat. This also resembles how your nervous system is the major sensory system of the body and that we could view them as one system or very closely linked systems. In other […]
May 13, 2020

Combating Stress

Chiropractic care has been shown in research to impact brain function in the prefrontal cortex and promote responses in the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. OK great….but now in English please! The reason the chiropractic adjustment works is due to its impact on the way your nervous system functions and regulates the body. Because life and lifestyle habits can create stress, your nervous system can get “stuck” in a stress response or survival dominate state. This suppresses the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms, its innate immune response, increases muscle tension, inflammation, sensitivity to […]
May 6, 2020

You Are What You Repeat

There is a saying that you are what you eat, which is true but you are also what you repeat. What you do repeatedly will dictate the health outcomes you experience. Do you eat healthy food regularly? Is exercise and activity part of your daily routine? Do you get some sun each day? Do you prioritise getting a consistent 8 hours of sleep? What about spending some quiet and still time relaxing or have you submitted this to the modern distraction of artificial light from devices after dark? Your daily routine reflect and become your lifestyle choices, whether […]
April 29, 2020

Neurologically Based Chiropractic

Viewing chiropractic from a nervous system perspective may highlight why it often seems to help people beyond just back and neck pain. Research has shown that the chiropractic adjustment impacts brain function. The brain is like the central computer for your mind and body. It is receiving up to 3 trillion messages from the body and its 5 senses, processing the information and sending back out the responses. The nervous system is the control system for all the tissues, organs and systems in the body including the muscles, heart, lungs, hormones, digestion, immune function and even your body’s […]

"As a child grows and develops both mentally and physically, it is vital that their nervous system is working free of interference."

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